Blossoming at The Farm is located at Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary, just minutes to the Westshore, on Vancouver Island. Blossoming at The Farm is a non-profit society that offers therapeutic services and educational programming for children and youth.

Blossoming at The Farm is a safe and tranquil setting for all people to learn, grow and heal.  With 30 acres of pristine pasture, gardens, and forest paths, the land is home to plentiful farm animals, wildlife and a few dedicated staff.  In the spirit of respecting and nourishing the web of life, fostering dynamic relationships between our animals, guests, and the land underlies all that we offer.

Programs on the farm include a Forest School offering, full time Learning Community, Barn Buddies after school program, Youth girls support group, Behavior Intervention and one on one Therapeutic Sessions for children and youth with special needs, gifts and opportunities.  We also partner with community agencies and health practitioners in the Greater Victoria region to host farm visits for their clientele.

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