Join Mary and her herd of beautiful horses in the safe, soothing and peaceful energy of the farm Sanctuary. Here you’ll find time and space to slow down and “just be” with the horses and the wisdom they offer. Instinctual and intuitive, horses are finely attuned to their environment and to other beings. They can help you come into resonance, and to be present with whatever is true for you right now, held in a field of love and acceptance co-created with Mary. In our chaotic and fragmented world the peace that we can feel in the presence of horses is nourishment for our soul.

Mary brings over 25 years of insight and wisdom as a horsewoman, an educator and mindfulness teacher. She will guide you into your own special reflective or interactive experience with the horses. These private sessions are for children and adults; guided by the clients experience in the present moment. Opportunities to learn the skills of natural horsemanship arise effortlessly, and can translate to the relationships in your life––with yourself, with others and with the natural world.

$80.00 per hour for private sessions
$60.00 per hour, per person for semi-private (2 people)
$50.00 per hour, per person for small group (3-4 people)

Contact our office at for more information or to book an appointment