Helpful things to know for your time at Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary and Blossoming at The Farm

We want your experience here to be as positive, calming and smooth flowing as possible. The sanctuary and the facilitators who work here take deeply to heart the healing power and stress reducing energy of this land, the animals and the spaces that are available.


Of course there are always logistics, systems and protocol to help maintain this feeling and experience. Please read and respect the following guidelines while you are here with us.

  • We respect all aspects of the web of life. This includes the tiniest insect to the majestic trees. Please be mindful of your impact on the land and the animals while you are visiting. This translates simply into the guiding principle we hold which is “Do No Harm”
  • Please be mindful  that the driveway is often populated with dogs, children and Miss Piggy. Slow and aware navigation of our vehicles is a way we can all help keep everyone safe
  • We ask that you take with you any garbage and recycling that you generate. If you have food scraps left from your lunch they are welcomed in Miss Piggy’s pail which is kept in the tack room fridge.
  • We love a “help where there is a need’ attitude. If you notice something that needs attention or a little bit of elbow grease, please jump in and contribute. If you are wanting to volunteer in a more formal capacity let us know! We love our volunteers and always welcome more through our newly developing Volunteer Program.
  • The traffic to and from the farm is unpredictable. Please know that we value our time, your time, the animals time and we balance that with the awareness that traffic is out of our control. If you know you are coming this way during peak traffic hours, or during construction consider using the back way through Millstream or allowing yourself an extra 15 minutes of travel time.
  • The farm holds space for 33 acres, 9 horses, 2 Llamas and goats, 2 bunnies, 1 pig, cats, dogs and the guardians of the land. There are times the farm is not open to visitors and the gate will be closed with signage. Please respect our hours of operation as they allow for balance and rest for all of us.
  • The barn is the home of the horses and is not always open for visitation as there are often programs in progress even if that isn’t immediately apparent, animals at rest between programs, etc. If you would like some time in the barn or on the land, let us know and we can schedule a visit for you.


Thank you for being here and making Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary and Blossoming at The Farm a part of your life. We value each connection made and look forward to our time together.