Peanut and Butter



Interact with our healing horses, feed the llamas, goats and bunnies, swing on a tire swing, seasonally pick berries or wander our garden and forest trails.

Whether for your community group, school/home school field-trip or personalized nature based learning, our guided farm experiences are a wonderful way to connect in nature.

Visits are typically 2 hours long and are facilitated by our friendly, caring staff and practicum students.

Fees are as follows:

$60/hour for 1- 6 people
$85/hour for 7-12 people
$110/hour for 13-18 people
$135/hour for 19-24 people
$160/hour for 25-30 people

Complete this form if you are ready to book a farm visit for your group of up to 30 people.  Or contact us at or at 250-478-4116 if you need more information.


Visits are two hours unless by special request.