Lucy has grown up on the farm and is very friendly with people.  She is thought to be an angel in a lama’s body.  Kids from all over have come to receive her angel kisses.






Miss Piggy 2

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy Is a Tea Cup Julian cross with a cute little Mohawk that sticks up when she’s feeling excited. She has arrived at the farm from Nanaimo and loves fruits, veggies, bird seed and apparently, bananas!


Over the years probably 100 different horses have passed through or remain buried here. Mary has loved horses since she was born. At one point while trying to help all the local horses in need, there were 25 horses here. The herd of 6 who are still with us are much loved and appreciated.




A Dream Catcher- Adam is a very special horse to the farm. His dam Miss Applelucy is the reason Mary bought this farm. Mary moved to the farm 25 years ago and brought Lucy (her horse) with her. She bred her thoroughbred Lucy to a Dutch warmblood stallion named Espionage ( whom she later purchased), hoping to create the ultimate show horse for herself. Adam was born in 1991. He developed a condition known as Stringhalt at 2 years of age and was classified as unsound for the show ring. Didn’t matter. He has been Mary’s main equine therapist for all these years. A volunteer named Jackie has been helping at the farm since Adam was 2. She is helping us take care of Adam in his retirement.






Mary rescued Hawkeye at 3 weeks of age. His owner sadly had passed away just before he was born and an email was sent to the local horse community asking for help. Mary brought Hawkeye, his dam BE and their best friend Harry back to the farm. Be and Harry were retired race horses. Be was bred to our local Hungarian warmblood stallion to be a show horse. Many people have offered to buy Hawkeye from Mary for his bloodline and athletic ability. Mary is keeping him because ( in her opinion) he is the best 4 legged therapist we have. He loves to connect with people, especially children. He literally reaches out and hugs you. Every now and then if you see Hawkeye gallop in the field you will witness the thoroughbred in him come out. Be and Harry were adopted. Ever since then Auntie Madison has taken care of Hawkeye and they remain very close.


Maddy is a 19 year old Welsh Quarterhorse pony ( born in 1996) Mary bought Madision when she was 3 years old thinking that she could make a fabulous lesson pony. As a young pony, this was not the case. She required an experience rider. Mary’s good friend Lee Ann then took care of her for many years and brought her along as a dressage pony. Maddy returned to the farm in 2008 just in time to meet Tyler. With Tyler’s 6 year devotion to both Maddy and natural horsemanship Maddy has become our first choice when working with children She is so well trained, sensitive and willing now. She’s still gorgeous and currently the farm’s only mare.


Splash of Colour
Splash a born in 2001 ( we think) was rescued by Mary is 2010. She couldn’t bear the thought of this beautiful horse with healing energy being put down. She knew that the Love in the Sanctuary and could help Splash overcome some of the traumas of his past. The Macaulay family fell in love with him and adopted him. They still share him with the farm because he is so happy here and so willing to help his human friends. He and Cody are best friends.


Legacy is the newest addition to our team. She is a 15 year old miniature horse. We fell in love with her at first sight and are sure you will as well.

She loves attention and is always happy to be taken out for walks.


Prince was born in 2001 as well. He is a Canadian, Welsh, Quarterhorse mix. Maddy is his Mom. Mary wanted to breed Maddy (who was quite the spirited young pony) to a calm gentle stallion to create the all round perfect horse to share, so she chose the Canadian Horse breed for its temperament. Prince is so calm that he would prefer to just BE with you than go out for a ride! Prince is known for his ability to help humans balance their energy. Spend a quiet moment with him and you will feel calmer, more grounded. We are grateful to Rivas Remedies for the sponsorship of the remedies that he needs for his Sweet itch.

Peanut and Butter

Peanut and Butter

Peanut and Butter came to the farm as kids in the summer of 2017, after much fundraising from our community at the farm.  Peanut and Butter are brother and sister and enjoy eating everything in site and cuddling on your lap.

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