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Summer Camp Registration Now Open!

Learning Community

Our Learning Community brings together children and a dedicated, uniquely skilled team of leaders. We are a 10-month full or part-time program providing registered or enrolled home learners a gently structured environment that is rich, diverse, flexible, respectful, supportive, joyful, relevant, relational, meaningful, and deeply rooted in the natural world.

As an inclusive community, we strive to recognize, respect, and meet the developmental needs of each participant. Our work is influenced by a belief in the intrinsic value of all humans; we have a strong foundation in emotional literacy, social thinking, self-determination, and inquiry-based learning.

Learning Community participants spend their days; crafting, building, planting, reading, running, learning, recording, eating, caring, reflecting, exploring, and playing. Our community spends the majority of the day outside, and being able to navigate seasonal weather for sustained periods of time is vital to a successful experience with us.

Self-reflection, collaboration, personal responsibility, community engagement, and kindness are core values modelled and engaged with on a daily basis. While we are not an academic-focused program, we do engage in math-tutoring, reading, writing, research, and theme-based projects. Our supportive environment allows for adaptations and child-led sharing of their learning experiences.


**Please note that we are NOT a registered BC School nor are our programs academic-focused**

Forest & Farm Wednesdays

“Participants in Forest & Farm Wednesdays spend every day outside; rain or shine. The natural world provides a never-ending source of experiences, connection, and learning as the seasons change.

Through open-ended explorations and offerings, participants in this 10-month program will experience:
  • Teamwork, problem-solving, collaboration, mindfulness, opportunities to build upon and increase their emotional literacy, risk-taking skills, and self-determination.
  • An awareness and connection to our local flora and fauna, earth stewardship, and a deeper understanding of interconnectedness
  • A respect for our local Indigenous people, the teachings of All My Relations, and an awareness of the cultural significance of the S,ELEKTEL (Goldstream) area
  • A gentle introduction to the care and keeping of farm animals, allowing for a mutually respectful relationship between animals and humans
  • Seasonal engagement with gardening in our ½ acre garden that provides a hands-on experience with food systems and growth cycles

Participants need to be comfortable being outdoors for sustained time, using an outhouse, being part of a group, navigating seasonal weather and uneven terrain. We are a multi-age (7-12), inclusive, neurodiverse, and gently structured community.

Offerings participants may experience are:
  • Loose Parts play
  • Plant and Wildlife Identification
  • Keeping a weekly nature journal
  • Animal care and interactions 
  • Whittling and knife skills
  • Shelter building and knot tying
  • Nature and farm-inspired art
  • Indigenous teaching and stories
  • Foraging and fire cooking
  • Group games
  • Weeding, watering, planting, and harvesting in the garden
  • Land walks on our 30-acre property
  • Creek and pond explorations
  • Fun, laughter, and connection”

Teen Forest School

This program is geared for youth ages 13-17 and runs Mondays, 9:30-2:30. Our intention is to create an environment where youth can continue or begin a relationship with land-based learning. With a mixture of participant and mentor-lead experiences the day may include: 

  • Bushcraft
  • Wilderness Skills
  • Wildcrafting
  • Foraging and Fire Cooking
  • Group Games
  • Tool Use
  • Storytelling and Journal Reflection
  • Hiking and Land Walks
  • Land Restoration and Gardening

Participants will be successful in this group if they have a desire to be in nature, can sustain seasonal weather for a full day, and are adventurous, determined, and willing to follow and collaborate with the leadership of this program. A willingness to push through hard and unfamiliar experiences will allow for growth and connection to themselves, the land, and others. 

Please contact the office for an application form for Teen Forest School


Teen Pod

Created for home-learner teens wanting a gently structured learning experience rooted in the natural world, this 10-month program weaves guided learning, social time, and land-based experiences together. Teen Pod is designed for youth who appreciate small groups and the mentorship of dedicated and diverse leaders. This program will foster deep connections with self and others while also exposing participants to new and familiar learning opportunities.

Previous years modules have included:

  • Equine Learning (facilitated by an Equine Facilitated Wellness practitioner with our herd of horses)
  • Table Top Games (lead by a successful DND Kickstarter campaign author)
  • Cultural Studies
  • Culinary Arts 
  • Mental Health (facilitated by a CYC practitioner)
  • Novel Studies/Canadian Artist Studies
  • Art Journaling
  • Land Restoration and Gardening
  • Math Tutoring

Teen Pod runs two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Email the office at for more information or to register!

Connection Club

This new group is designed for participants between the ages of 6-10 who would benefit from a supported and consistent environment to navigate their social interactions with others. Your child can expect time with Lego, messy art, Playmobil, card games, and outdoor experiences both with and without our farm animals. The group will be small in size (max 7) with 2 skilled leaders who specialize in social thinking and executive function methodologies to ensure engagement and meaningful connection. The Connection Club will have socialization, self-regulation and emotional literacy goals that are explored and met through dynamic play, conversations, guided games, and teachings. 

We are hoping to run Connection Club Monday, 3:30-4:30, Jan-June and are taking registration now. This program has an indoor space as its home base. Cost starts at $150/month. Email to learn more or to register! 


This offering is for anyone who identifies as female or non-binary, ages 12-15. Each week we will spend time connecting with each other and engaging in a gentle exploration of mindfulness with our herd of horses, guided art journaling, time for social connection, and food sharing. This program takes place in both our indoor and outdoor spaces. The group goals include building confidence and self-esteem, managing anxiety, practicing gratitude and acceptance, and having lots of fun together!

When: Tuesday, 3:30 – 4:45 pm. We offer a gentle start from 3:15-3:30. The program runs from April – June.

Cost: $120 +GST ($126)/month

For more information or to register contact our office at

Summer Camp

We run our Summer Camp programs for 6 weeks in July and August each year. These camps run Mon-Thurs from 9:30-3.

Camps offered can include:

  • Wild + Free (ages 6-12)
  • Barn Buddies (ages 7-12)
  • Art Camp (various ages)
  • Teen Camp (ages 13+)
  • Disc Golf Camp (ages 8-12)

Our Summer Camps can provide 1:1 support workers to provide an inclusive camp experience.

Registration opens after Spring Break. Email to learn more or to join our email list! 

Behaviour Intervention

Our BI sessions are grounded in deep respect for the child/youth/family we are supporting. Time and care are taken to build safety and rapport before moving on to behaviour, social and emotional goals. Our approach is grounded in social thinking, emotional regulation, child honouring, land based support.

Our animals, land, open-ended toys, art materials, and dedicated staff combine to create a positive, child honouring experience, allowing deep growth to occur.

BI sessions differ from our Therapeutic sessions as they are facilitated by staff with training in ASD modalities. 

Therapeutic Sessions

We offer 1:1 Therapeutic sessions for children and youth facing a variety of mental health considerations. Each child/youth we support will have their interests, developmental needs, unique strengths, and challenges honoured.

In line with our core values of respect, belonging, and connections, clients will be supported as they navigate and gain support, skills and confidence in their lives. We offer animal connections, including working with our herd of horses, art, and land based sessions. 

1:1 Therapeutic sessions differ from our 1:1 Behaviour Intervention sessions as the focus is on mental health, not ASD. Contact the office for more information and an intake form.

*Please note our sessions are facilitated by our CYC practitioner, and Therapeutic Art Guide. We are not registered clinical counsellors*.