The Team

Mary Rostad, B.Ed
Mary, of Haisla Nation, Beaver Clan, is the owner of Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary. She is the Spiritual Director and the Co-Founder of Blossoming at The Farm Society. Mary is a BC Certified Teacher, a Forest School practitioner, and an Equine Facilitated Learning Professional. Mary’s deep belief in the interconnectedness of all life has inspired her to share her beautiful and sacred property for all to thrive. She brings over 25 years of insight and wisdom as a horsewoman, an educator, and mindfulness teacher to all that she does.
Tania Stearns-Smith
Tania is the Program Director and Co-Founder of Blossoming at the Farm Society. She is the Manager and Co-Steward of Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary. She is a nature-based educator who practices and teaches self regulation through art and land-based experiences. A gifted leader and facilitator, Tania has spent the last 25 years supporting and mentoring families as a Behaviour Interventionist. Tania is a curator of gratitude, beautiful spaces, joyful living, and is a clear and kind communicator.
Sarah Rowse, BCYC, Pro-EFW

Sarah is a Equine Facilitated Wellness Practitioner and a Child and Youth Care Worker. She facilitates 1:1 Therapeutic Sessions with our participants and our animal family as well as co-leading our Teen Pod program. She has a lifelong passion for animals and believes creating connections to the land, the animals, and each other is essential for a stronger future both personally and for the global community. Sarah utilizes mindfulness, strength-based and person-centered frameworks, and playfulness in her work.    

Dorothea Mauger

Our office administrator, Dorothea, is the first point of contact for anyone who reaches out to the Farm. Her cheerful demeanor and efficiency ensures that the behind-the-scenes work runs smoothly. Dorothea is a key support person to the management and staff of both Blossoming at the Farm and Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary.

Caleb Glass

Caleb’s roles at the Farm are an alchemy of culinary skill, passion, strong integrity, and timeline precision. He co-coordinates all of our events and culinary experiences as well as managing our many business and non-profit bookkeeping duties. Caleb weaves in game schooling, 1:1 support, and culinary arts. As a budding forager, he is sharing his enthusiasm for the natural world’s edible gifts with all of us.

Martin Herzog, EA

Martin combines his experience as an EA and his background in carpentry to create meaningful and life-relevant opportunities with our participants. His calm and steady leadership style creates group safety and 1:1 connection. As an avid hiker and outdoors person, Martin enhances our land-based experiences.

Linda Gower

Linda mentors all of us in slowing down and connecting with our cultivated gardens and wild spaces. Her curiosity and eye for detail teaches us to walk closer to the Earth and Her natural rhythms. With kindness and gentleness, our participants learn from Linda where our food comes from: seed to table.

Tayler Heppell, CFCS

Joining us after a very successful practicum placement for her Community, Family and Child Studies Diploma, Taylor works 1:1 with the participants here. She has a heart for 1:1 connections and facilitates genuine inclusion.

Owen Stearns-Smith

Owen is a Co-Steward of Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary, working closely with Mary and Tania in his role as Facilities Lead and Disc Golf Manager. As an avid disc golfer, Owen works tirelessly to facilitate the inclusive and vibrant Mary’s Farm Disc Golf community.

RJ Randhawa, BCYC Candidate

RJ supports our participants by providing a structured environment, helping them reach their highest potential. She brings a passion for physical literacy and academic studies. RJ works in our programs as both a 1:1 support and a group leader.